FAQs – We understand you will probably have some questions if you haven’t been back into one of our sites just yet. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a complete list of frequently asked questions.


When will my next payment be taken?

If your normal Direct Debit date is the 1st of the month, your next Direct Debit payment will be collected on the 1st of May. This will be a lesser payment to compensate for the 1st January payment that we collected. The calculation is based on a pro rota deduction from your usual monthly amount.

If your normal Direct Debit date is the 15th of the month, your next Direct Debit payment will be collected on the 15th of April. This will be a lesser payment to compensate for the 15th December payment that we collected. The calculation is based on a pro rota deduction from your usual monthly amount.

I am an annual pre-paid member, will my membership be extended?

Yes, we will extend your membership for the number of months the club is closed.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership free of charge for 1 month at a time. 

What happens to my contract for the months you have been closed? 

The agreement is for 12 instalments, not for 12 consecutive months; therefore, you will be required to make 12 payments.

Our approach to safety, cleanliness and social distancing

Is it safe to go back to the gym?

Yes, we’re confident in our ability to minimise the risk of infection and keep our members safe. 

We’ll be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures and adopting stringent social distancing measures to create a safe environment for you to visit. 

 We are also asking members and staff not to visit the club if they feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, and there will be clear signage to reflect this. 

What are your enhanced cleaning and safety procedures?

Both staff and members will play a part in creating a clean and safe environment for everyone. Our increased infection prevention procedures include:

  • Hand sanitising stations: We ask that you sanitise your hands in the entrance on arrival and throughout the gym during your visit
  • Disinfectant Wipe Pods: We also ask that you clean any gym equipment before and after use with the cleaning products available.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures- our teams will be carrying out enhanced cleaning procedures focusing heavily on all touchpoints throughout the day.
  • Increased cleaning hours: Gym equipment will be sanitised on a regular basis throughout the day and the gym. We’ll also be shortening group exercise classes to allow more time for the studios to be cleaned.
  • Training: All staff have undertaken cleaning training including COVID-19 Awareness, Infection Prevention and Hand Hygiene
  • Protection: We’ve installed plastic shields at reception desks and we’ll be providing PPE for our staff in line with Public Health England recommendations.
What social distancing measures have you put in place?
  • Social distancing signage: This includes including floor markers indicating where to stand, posters indicating the capacity in each area of the gym and, where possible, directional signs indicating one-way systems
  • Limits on numbers: To avoid overcrowding, we will limit how many people are allowed in the gym at once. It is important you book your session before you arrive, so we can keep track of numbers and always comply with social distancing measures. We will need to ask you to wait before you enter the gym floor, using the social distance markers. We ask all members not to enter the site until the start of their session.
  • Swim session booking: In addition to class and gym floor bookings, we’ll be taking bookings for swim sessions to limit the number of members using the pool. 
  • Smaller classes: Studio capacity will be reduced for group exercise classes to allow for the 2-metre social distancing rule. When you’re waiting for your class, please follow social distancing rules and clear the studio space as quickly as you can when the class has finished
  • Shorter classes: Classes will be between 30 and 45 minutes, to allow time for cleaning and to allow members to leave the studio safely
  • Less equipment: Some equipment on the gym floor will be unavailable to allow for social distancing
  • Fewer lockers: To avoid having too many people in the changing rooms, there won’t be as many lockers available as usual.
Will staff be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Our staff will be risk assessed for the need for barrier protection, e.g. face coverings such as visors. PHE guidance states that where physical distancing can’t be maintained, or the possibility for exposure is high (such as long lengths of time indoors) or risk of the activity is high (for example directly working with bodily fluids) there is a higher risk of exposure. 

All members of our clean team will be provided with adequate PPE to ensure both their own safety and yours, in line with Public Health England and UK Active advice. All other members of staff will be wearing PPE where the 2-metre rule can’t be adhered to. 

Gloves can be contaminated with germs, which are difficult to remove, so regular hand washing and using antibacterial hand sanitiser is deemed to be more hygienic. In addition, in a gym environment masks will get damp, which reduces their effectiveness and may also limit a member’s oxygenation when working at intensity. 

Will you be providing hand sanitising gel and wipes in the club?

Yes, there will be a free-standing hand sanitising station at the entrance to your gym, which we ask you to use before you enter, as well as additional-mounted hand sanitising dispensers in key areas throughout the gym. 

There will also be disinfectant spray and blue roll available so you can clean your equipment and mats before and after use. 

Have the gyms been deep cleaned?

Yes, all gyms are deep cleaned regularly. This is an enhanced cleaning process to ensure gyms are clean and disinfected as part of BPL. 

During the closure, all our swimming pools have remained full, filtrated and dosed with the appropriate level of chemicals to ensure they are in the best condition for reopening. Regular checks on the water quality have been completed along with planned maintenance of the pool plant equipment. A full opening procedure has taken place following the guidance from the British Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

Our sites have been visited regularly by our building maintenance teams and we have followed a strict water management regime of regular flushing and turnover of water in our systems, along with temperature monitoring on all our showers and taps. A number of microbiological water tests will be carried out on our water system prior to opening. 

How can I reduce the spread of infection in the gym to protect myself and others?

Please stay at home if you have any concerns whatsoever that you may have contracted, or been in touch with anyone infected with COVID-19.

When in the gym, following the simple guidelines: keep your distance, wash your hands, and clean down the kit before and after use with the new self-cleaning stations provided. Also, try not to talk directly to people face to face, rather to one side of each other. Shouting propels droplets further. If coughing or sneezing, do so into the inside of your elbow to catch droplets.

Visiting the gym

Will there be any changes to my gym’s opening hours?

The gym will be open 6 am-10 pm Monday to Thursday, 6 am-9 pm Friday and 8 am-6 pm at Weekends. 

Will there be any changes to the class timetable?

Group exercise classes will be running at normal capacities from the 19th of July. 

Is there a time limit for my visit to the gym?

There are no time restrictions on your visits to the gym.

How do I make a gym or swim booking?

All bookings will be made via the Your Space app using the Pontefract sessions booking tile. 

What should I bring?
  • Workout gear: Please arrive ready to work out to avoid using the changing room.
  • Minimal belongings: All you need is your membership card and bank card if you want to make a purchase – we won’t be accepting cash
  • Full water bottle: Water fountains will be unavailable for hygiene reasons. You can purchase a bottle of water using your contactless card if needed
  • Yoga mat: If you’ve booked a yoga or Pilates class we ask that you bring your own mat
  • Towel: If you’re using the pool, please bring your own towel. Please don’t bring a sweat towel.
Do I need to arrive ready to workout?

Yes, please do arrive ready to workout where possible.

Will there be changing rooms and lockers available?

Changing rooms, lockers and showers will be available for use, though we would encourage members to come activity ready where possible. We encourage members to wear a face covering whilst using changing rooms. 

Hairdryers will be available for use.

Will members lounge be available for use

The members lounge area will reopen from the 19th of July. 

Gym services and facilities

Will there be changing rooms and lockers available?

Changing rooms, lockers and showers will be available for use, though we would encourage members to come activity ready where possible. We encourage members to wear a face-covering whilst using changing rooms. 

Will I be able to access Personal Training when you reopen?

PT’s will be able to operate without restrictions. Please contact your Personal Trainer for details of their sessions. 

Can I book a programme review or induction?

Yes, we will be offering these on a 1-1 basis or if you are part of the same household you can do this together with one of the instructors.  

Are you allowing junior’s into gym sessions?

Yes. Junior gym sessions are available to book by calling the site directly on 01977 781990 or emailing us at pontefractenquiries@bpl.org.uk.

Will the membership lounge be available for use?

Members lounge area will reopen from the 19th of July. 

Will I be able to buy food and drink in club?

We will continue to offer the purchase of protein bars and drinks.

Swimming & relaxation area

Will I be able to use the sauna, steam rooms and spa pools?

The relaxation suite (sauna, steam room and aromatherapy room) will open daily from 7am weekdays and 9am weekends). Bookings will not be required from 19 July. 

The stand-up sun bed will be available for use throughout opening hours.  

Other FAQs

Can I bring a friend using a free day pass?

No, unfortunately, day passes won’t be accepted for the foreseeable future.

I usually workout with a friend, can I still do this?

Please try to limit person-to-person contact and be mindful of social distancing. You shouldn’t share equipment without cleaning first. You may need to adapt your training, for example, you won’t be able to ‘spot’ each other or share weights.

Why can’t I get through to the call centre?

Our call centre is currently receiving a high number of calls, please be patient. Our customer advisors will help you as soon as possible. 

Do I have to wear a face mask in the gym? 

We are asking members to wear a face-covering in some areas of Your Space Pontefract.

Although we are rigidly monitoring capacities within our facility as per government guidance there will be a slight increase in people passing through reception and communal areas, therefore using a face covering is an extra precaution we’d like you to take. Areas where a face covering is required;

Reception area
Group exercise entrance & exit staircase

You are not required to wear a face-covering whilst you are exercising and whilst using the fitness changing facilities.

If you forget a face covering, don’t worry, we have a limited supply on reception that you can purchase. 

Should I wear gloves in the gym? 

No. Gloves can harbour a high viral load and contaminate surfaces. The individual may also transfer from glove to face in a higher dose and not touching the face and washing hands thoroughly is far more important. 

I want to join, are you taking on new members?

Yes, we are always taking on new members! To join, follow the link to view our amazing membership packages, fit to suit everyone’s needs.